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I started to take photos during my high school years as a hobby, and I am still in love with it. During these years I used a wide range of cameras from Practia to Nikon F6. My original profession is electrical engineering, but as time passed I turned to photography more and more. I am a professional photographer for over ten years now, and I still use my electrical knowledge. Most of my jobs are building and object photogtaphy, but I can solve almost all kinds of photography tasks. As photography is my hobby too, anywere I am I feel good only if I have a camera with me. I always try to use the best techniques. I prepared a test sheet to determine the sharpness, wich give a precise result in order to compare the sharpness in case of different optics and cameras, and can be used by anyone. I use both rollfilm and digital cameras, and it happens that for certain job I more than one kind. In my view a good camara is a real technical and optical miracle, and this is what makes photography so special to me. The result are also up to the work after photography, so I a do the computer processing on my own. In my opinion photography can make anybody happy, and even if learning it is easy or hard, it leads to success.