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I contract all kinds of photography jobs, but building photography is one of my main photography activites. For photography of buildings I use the best cameras and optics. I can solve the lighting of inside areas One of my new achievements is taking photos from 11-12 meters high, to give a better perspective. Here you can see some photos from up and down:

The photography of properties bear special importance in today1s business environment The cost of the photos is relatively small to the worth of the property, but through the photographs economic benefits can be obtained as well. The professionally componed, lighted, corrigated pictures show the best of the property for the clients, while home made photos usually can not. Professional equipment and experience, and long and careful correction work gives the results that are fully satisfatory. For example it is worth it to take a look at the following two pictures where there is a drifference of a sting only


Photos of properties are of special importance to architects and property developers. The extra wide view photos I can offer show rooms bigger than in reality, and they can show connections between rooms. Up to now I have photographed many hundreds of properties, primarily for inland architectural and interior design magazines. I can solve photography of very small rooms, like bathrooms as well. Corrigation of the pictures is also very important, for example I can corrigate smaller mistakes, like unadequate lighting, or the deletion of the view of an unesthetical building of the neighbour.